Here are some of the comments we have received over the years from our customers.
If you would like to give us feedback about our product please email us at sales@crystalclearaudio.com

People ask Crystal Clear Audio,
- How good are your solid silver Crystal Clear interconnects?
- Some described the best cables in the world.
- But how good are these silver Crystal Clear interconnects?
- So good they might even be superior to the other interconnects you now own. So good they might put cash in your pocket when you decide to sell your present ones at auction.

We want you to listen! How else does a new company with a superb new breakthrough state-of-the-art interconnecta€”one able to compare favorably to products three, five and ten times as expensive but without the means to advertise and get revieweda€”get its message across to a skeptical audience when everyonea€”I mean, everyone-raves about how awesome their interconnects are?

Only one way. Ask you to listen, to listen at no risk on your own sound system in your own home. Burn them in. Then have an A-B session with friends to see how these Crystal Clear interconnects stack up against the best your friends can throw at them.

Dona€?t take our word for how outstanding the Crystal Clear interconnects are, listen to what knowledgeable ownersa€”owners with trained earsa€”have to say about Crystal Clear Audio interconnects:

The BMW of cablesa€”not the best looking or the most expensive, but the best all round performer...Crystal Clear interconnects have all the lifelike clarity of solid silver, with detail and a fullness, warmth and musicality rare in cables at any price...In direct A-B comparisons (which Mel of Crystal Clear Audio urges all owners of his cables to make) playing CDs and SACDs, jazz and classical, vocal and instrumental with some of the finest and most expensive cables by Synergistic Research--the $1000 active shielding Resolution Research and the $2000 active shielding Designer Reference Research, played over a Sony SCD 777ES, a VTL preamp and mono blocks, and PSB Silveri loudspeakers, the Crystal Standard was so good we got the cables confused...Your Crystal Standard was often better, rarely inferior, and most surprising, as quiet. Absolutely amazing!

Victor Comerchero former owner of ESS, a high-end loudspeaker manufacturer

I have recommended your cables every chance I get and now I am going to do so even more...I have hooked the [Crystal Standard] cables up to my system from the Levinson amp to the Green Mountain Audio Continuum 1.5 and the sound is fabulous. The speaker cables may even be better than the interconnects...They are full of information with surprisingly good bass, even without really being broken in. A very dark background as well, but a natural one as well... Exceptional. I know a lot about audio and have had a lot of equipment.

Jules Coleman University Professor - Sixmoon.com reviewer

No cable is right for everyone, or excels in every sonic respect on any given sound system, but Ia€?m impressed with how many things your [Crystal Reference] interconnect did well and how few it did badlya€”none, really...Your major problem is going to be to persuade people to think outside the box. How do you get people who have been educated to equate price with quality interconnects can be state of the art? They wona€?t believe it. They dona€?t want to believe it.

designer of high-end amplifiers

What give Crystal Clear Audio interconnects their unusual sonic excellence? Many thingsa€”the silver r, the interconnect geometry, the shielding material, and, finally, Mela€?s secret multi-stepped musical tuning process. Mel tunes the silver wire just as Stradivarius tuned the sound box of the violins he crafted. Result: Crystal Clear Audio cables sing instead of ring.

If youa€?re interested in learning more about interconnect theory, about why Crystal Clear Audio interconnects are among the very, very best sounding interconnects you can buy at any price, and about our product lines and prices, please visit our website. Browse and inform yourself at your leisure. What have you got to lose? Nothing! Fact is, you may put some change in your pocket by selling those expensive interconnects you now own.

Customer Feedbacks


Here is my non-clinical review of your new Studio Reference USB cable and my two setups so far:

1.)First setup was of course with the ipod 5th generation touch, Crystal Clear Audio Studio reference USB cable/ Herus Dac amp and JH-16 IEMs.

Sonic and musicality was unbeatable with any other cable as I was fortunate to sit around at Addicted to Audio and switch from cable to cable. There was an ease and performance that the other cables could not touch. The music genres went from rock to jazz to classical. I noticed the background noise was dead silent and there was no harshness as with the Wire World Platinum. The small setup sounded better than any full size DAC/Amp I have heard to date and the richness from this cable and setup I feel could not have sounded any better. I thoughta€|.enter the modded pair of Grado Allesandro Pro headphones with the Crystal Clear Audio Studio reference USB cable and the Herus DAC/ Amp.

2.) Second setup was ipod 5th generation touch, Crystal Clear Audio Studio reference USB cable/ Herus DAC/Amp and the Grados (modded a bit).

TWO WORDS>>>>COMPLETELY UNBELIEVABLE! I thought I had the setup that would be the killer with the JH-16s and your cable(the Great balls of fire!) , I could walk in silence and smile knowing no one would ever have a mobile setup with a cable this great. This was now second best as the Crystal Clear Audio Studio reference USB cable created musical heaven on earth. I hate to keep trying this cable on further setups because I will end up wanting to spend a shit load of money on gear. If anyone says USB cables dona€?t make a difference they are full of it and you can take that to the bank or have them call me. Ita€?s time for the nay sayers to shut up, have a coke and a smile, and sit back and take a listen. Thanks for everything brother and the greatest customer service on earth to date!

You will probably be getting a call from Addicted to Audio, they loved it.

Thanks Again,

Chris Thurber Melbourne Australia

I wanted to get a bit of time on the cables prior to emailing. I must tell you I am thoroughly impressed! Many times we continue to upgrade our electronics in an effort to improve sound no looking at the cables as an essential link in the chain. Not that I am so naive to think cables wouldn't improve the system I would never think to spend the uber amounts of money some esoteric cables demand. Your cables have allowed me to improve/experience my system at a whole new level. What I find very appealing is the presentation where I now have a soundfeild independent of the speakers as if the speakers are not there, amazing. In addition, the level of resolution coupled with exemplary midrange and deep tight non boomy bass is extraordinary, my hat is off to you.
Thank you for all you have done to improve my system.
Best Regards,

Dom Sasso

Mel wanted you to know I finally got my Marten speakers today and finally got a chance to hear the system don't know how to describe the sound the detail is to die for and I'm sure your Magnum Opus speakercables have a lot do with it. Can't thank you enough for your help. The sound I'm getting now is way better than I anticipated. Best Regards.

Joe Canyon Lake CA

Hi Mel,
I received power cord yesterday. It sounds amazing right out of the box! The sound is bolder and more detailed, even before break in period. I did not know a power cable could make so much improvement. It blows away the Shunyata Taipan (alpha helix) that I use for my linestage. So I replaced it with yours and moved the Shuntata to the phono pre where I was going to put yours. I can't wait to try your speaker cables!

Dave Dooley

Excellent PC- Crystal Clear Audio Master Class version 2....all I can say is WOW...excellent power cord...improved my system immediately after plugging in... replaced Morrow Audio PC... I cant wait after break in period...its really crystal clear sound....thank you so much Mel...highly recommended...i will buy again... And fast shipping too...

Efren Sotelo American Way, CA

Hi Mel, The postman brought the cables this morning and I just finished putting them in place of the temporary ones I was using while they were with you. DAMNN!!! I don't know what kind of magic powder you dust on your cables Mel but in my system, in my dedicated room I will place these up against anything out there -- to include the best Nordost or anybody else has to offer!

Paul Monroe pmonroecox.net

Hi Mel, Just a short note to say that I received the cables today. Thanks! I smiled when I saw the box on my front porch. What's so eerie is that a thought came to me this morning that I hadn't heard from you in a while, and I had planned to email you this evening to ask how you were progressing with my cables. The cables have been installed in my system. I love the banana plugs and the quality of the construction of the cables! I've already notice some improvement, and that's only after 2 hrs.
The sound already sounds slightly smoother. Approximately how long do the cables take to break in? Some of the reviews I've read mention the Reference cables. Is the Reference series your Master Class cables? Anyway, thank you very much, Mel. I'm glad I purchased the cables from you, and upgrade to the Statement series! I'll report back to you after a month or two to provide you feedback on my experience with your cables. My sincerest appreciation,

Warren Mau Aurora, Colorado

Mel I recieved the cables. They are designed as per requested. They sound good right out of the box. How long do you think for total breakin and what will the cables achieve They already have an open sound. Thanks, (Master Class Speaker Cables

Raymond Mancuso Hampton Bays, New York

Hello Mel, Just received the cables (after clearance with local custom). Im running it now. Workmanship - a piece of art! Sound - Magical. Bettered most insane highly priced speaker cables out there! Overall, Im really happy and looking forward to purchasing from you end of this year. Only one that concerns me, the length is 8ft and not 10ft as what we have agreed.
For verification, I can provide you pictures together with the exact measurement in my next email. Let me know. I would suggest that the price difference to be deducted from my next purchase. How about that? What say you Mel? Cheers!It will be my pleasure to do for you. In fact, it has been my intention to make a good feedback for you on Audiogon. I do understand the importance of feedback for you. It is just your speaker cables and power cord are so intoxicating which made me glued to my chair at all times. I will find time for you. Just wait for my feedback. It will be there. That I promise you my friend.

Mun MD Munawir, Malaysia

Hello Mel, I picked up the parcel at the post office this evening. I auditioned the cables immediately, my first impressions are very positive. I am sure I do not need several days of listening to judge the change and the improvement, it made me smile after a few minits. Then again and again... You were right, I will love it definitely. Opposite my previous plan, I will order the IC very soon to make an other significant improvement.

Tamas Disce Hungary

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